Tuesday, March 27, 2012

2012 can suck it ...

The phrase "2012 can suck it" has been an oft-repeated mantra among myself and my friends so far this year amid a string of breakups, shakeups, lost jobs, missed opportunities, illnesses large and small and a general feeling of discontent.

Personally, I've watched a good friend go through heartbreak. Dealt with some family illness (mercifully minor) and drama. The fallout of some recent deaths. Went through a breakup - and a re-breakup, when he thought we'd gotten back together - and been rejected professionally and romantically. Those last three, paired with a bout of bronchitis, all within a week-long window.

Based on all that, well, yes, 2012 CAN suck it.

But, luckily, hopefully, the year is still young. Because, while we say 2012 can suck it, we also keep saying "This will be our year." Because other years have sucked too. For me, unlike previous years, there have not been any last-minute cross-country flights for funerals. No ex-husband drama. In fact, my divorce is finally final (+1 for 2012 right there), and, after two years of feeling like I had to make up for lost time, tread water and learn to be single, I feel like I'm finally ready to move on with my life and have at least a loose idea of what I want, even if I'm not yet sure how to get there.

2012 is also the year when I learned to do my taxes on my own. Mastered my online health claims system. Went to Disney World, realizing a childhood dream.

And, if all goes well, it will also be the year when I sip champagne at the Eiffel Tower with my best friend. The year when my best friend (who I will freely admit a slightly unhealthy co-dependence, but 26 years of a habit is a hard one to break) will be back in the same province as me full time after three long years. The year I try, and hopefully complete, a full marathon. The year when I finally accept where I am, what I'm doing and maybe even put down roots in Toronto.

So, 2012, you're still on thin ice. But I'm still going to give you a chance. So it's time to step up your game, deal?

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